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Heritage Sessions

These photographs are created because people matter most, time is too short, and memories last a lifetime.

          Heritage Sessions are a unique approach to family photography in which I become a fly on the wall in your daily life. These won't be flawless, back lit images of you posing by a brick wall. I won't be bribing your kids with candy to force smiles for me. This will be an intimate and real documentation of the joy, messiness, and realness of family. These sessions are inspired by the photo albums on our grandparent's coffee tables - the unposed and imperfect. You don't have to pretend. You don't even have to clean your house. Just plan to spend quality time together and focus on each other on this day, and invite me into your story. I want to know your traditions, the things that annoy you about each other, and the things you love most about each other. This is about your family, your legacy, and your heritage. I take a limited number of half day and full day Heritage Sessions each year. Rates begin at $750. For more information, please inquire here. 


Agie Alma

The Homenick Family on the Fundy Coast

The Hunt

My Grandfather’s Joy

Little House On the Hill

An Evening With the Jones Family

A Birth Story

Bringing the Twins Into the World