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Kristy and Josh Story 01: Settling into Maui

In the wildness of life, in the daily routines, and in the seasons that break your heart, it can be easy to lose sight of the treasure in your own two hands. “For no particular reason”, Kristy and Josh decided to spend an afternoon writing each other a few words. They stood in their front lawn overlooking the island of Maui they had just moved to days before, and took a few moments to express their gratefulness for each other, their marriage, and their future. I love how it only takes intentionally to turn an ordinary day into a memory you would keep with you for a long while. I can hardly think of a better way to walk into a new chapter together than building on the promises they gave each other day one. It was an honour to document these moments.

Not to mention…

My favourite part of this whole year was spending a week in Maui with the Sutherlands. We met at the airport as strangers and by the time I left, we were on the I’m-just-going-to-hang-out-with-you-while-you-brush-your-teeth level of friendship. They showed me kindness that went far beyond hospitality, and I am excited to share more pieces of this story in the near future. This is just part one of a three part journal series from documenting these sweet and awesome people’s live’s.

For now, I will let these photographs do the talking because they are much more interesting than my rambling.

Kristy and Josh, I am air-high-fiving you from Canada. You two are the best.

- S

sarah kierstead