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Kathleen // Līlāvatī

These portraits began at The Ciderhouse where Kathleen and I shared our stories having only met briefly at a Reggae night back in the summer. I think that is incredibly important for the work I do - to take the time hear someone’s story, as much or as little as they want to share. These portraits are more than a theme - they are a person. A vibrant, triumphant, humble, hope-filled, and strong person I am now honoured to call a friend. Kathleen and I met up just a few days before she would head off to complete her teacher training in Hatha Yoga. We cleared out my workspace in the studio and transformed it into her space for the morning. I know the strength and grace in these photographs are only a reflection of a much deeper work. And with that said, I would highly encourage you to check out the blog Kathleen just launched upon returning back from training: limberlilavati.home.blog

sarah kierstead