“I have something to tell you about Sarah Kierstead that I know to be true: to know her is to love her. I contacted Sarah to photograph my wedding because I loved her photos and social media presence (not so secret, secret: she's actually *hilarious*). Sarah's excitement to document your love & your story is pure & genuine. It isn't for the Pinterest post. It isn't for the Instagram likes. It is done for you. It is done for her. It is done for the story. 

If you made it this far into Sarah's portfolio - the "testimonials" portion, chances are that you have seen some photos - so you don't need me to clarify or convince you that they are raw, beautiful displays of human emotion and personal connection. Nope, you got that part with your eyes. You felt it with your heart. 
On the day of your wedding (or whatever event in which you require photographic documentation) Sarah will make your heart comfortable. I can't tell you how important that was to me on such a personal, emotional day - to have someone nearby that I felt I trusted & connected with. Someone I could laugh & cry with (laughing for me & crying for my husband). After the day she will make your heart sing with reflection - is there anything more beautiful than that?! As a person that's nostalgic to a fault, having our wedding day story documented with such grace & such care wasn't just a little bit important to me: it's an actual gift. 
I also endorse her hummus eating skills & ability to find the best darn flower patch out there.” 

- Kristin and David


“Our experience with Sarah was brilliant. Firstly she is delightful. I (the bride) am generally very uncomfortable having my photo taken, but Sarah put me at ease straight away and brought the best out of me. Secondly, even now, 18months plus, the guests ask after her. “How’s Sarah?! What is she up to? Will she move to the UK? Oh I loved her....” I am not joking. She captivated everyone around her and funnily enough it made people welcome the camera near them. Truly great at her craft. We were happy with every element of her service. Not only a great photographer with a clearly exceptional eye, but wonderful person behind the lens.”

- Benyamin and Helen


“Working with Sarah was a delight and a privilege. She exudes an extraordinary balance of professionalism, excellence, consideration, and love for her work and for her clients. The quality of her photos alone would be more than enough for a fierce recommendation, but on top of that, she accomodated us at every turn, she befriended us and got to know us, and she was as much a witness and co-celebrator of our marriage as any one of our guests. Apart from choosing to marry my lovely bride (which obviously takes the cake) hiring Sarah was a top-rated decision that we both would make a dozen times over, without hesitation."

- Olive and Zach