Journal Two: Personal Thoughts and Words


These are my thoughts, mostly the late night kind. The occasional reflection on self, God, faith, and many things in between. The honest and transparent, how I perceive things, my personal experiences. 


Day 7592

 "Today, I'm the young, foolish 20 year old who has little to boast about other than the strength she's found in Jesus. Today, I've been fighting my own insecurities and have once again found rest in a love so deep. The kind of love that continually gives this timid girl her courage, a hardened heart weak against an embrace it couldn't fight forever." 


An Open Letter to the Church: Can We Please Talk About Sex

"Our sexuality is not a sin. Can we please just take a second to think about that? It was created by God. We were sexual before we were sinful. It’s a gift. A beautiful, beautiful gift we shouldn’t try to pretend isn’t there. We shouldn’t be taught to pretend isn’t there."




Comparison: Silent but Deadly

           "We live in a society that encourages us to constantly rank ourselves against each other. From test scores to the way we look to the amount of money in our bank accounts. It's an exhausting and damaging cycle, but it is nothing new. There are countless examples in history of people acting out of comparison and jealousy, and it has never ended happily. But it seems like it has been plaguing this generation like never before."


Singleness From the Perspective of a Professional Third Wheeler

"I'm a wedding photographer. I make a living off of being a professional third-wheeler. Literally. I get paid to make people kiss. I spend more time than most watching other people get married, but as for me, I am far, far away from hanging out at the alter (without a camera in hand that is)."




Under-qualified for My Own Dreams

  “Not today. How many times have those two words found their way in my head, ringing in my ears over and over and over again. Convincing me there will be this unforeseen time in life when I will suddenly have everything together. The ideas I’ve let die before ever having a chance for breath because I’ve convinced myself I am not yet equipped to pursue them."


Trials and a Beautiful Song

  "There is a beautiful song that arises out of difficult seasons. You get to touch a part of the Father's heart in painful seasons that you would never reach if you stayed comfortable. He longs for deeper intimacy with you and often that intimacy comes from these times. You are on a grand adventure with the greatest storyteller of all time."