Journal Two: Thoughts and Writing

Golden Hues

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I want to sink into the depths beneath glass waters. Safe in the stillness and revived by the currents. I want to feel the coldness of a November morning, until the first light passes through the frosted window that faces east and brings its warmth. I want to be lost in the field and found by a canopy of stars above my head, reminding me that there is more than this. I want to escape to the places the noise of the world won't find me for a while, so I can remember who I am again. 

I think there is a certain grace to growing into yourself, and I have spent these 22 years trying to figure it out. To learn to wear everything I am in the inside, on the outside, my quirks and my joy and my oddness and my passion and my uncertainty and my insecurities and my confidence. To look at you with honesty in my eyes, just as I am,  and not turn away. To be alive. Fully alive.  

Today, I thought of the ones who have walked into my life and decided they would sit here with me and my hurricane heart while I try figure out who I am becoming. Those people could not be more precious to me. The ones who have loved me for more than what I show but for what I don't show. The ones who have reached for the hidden places in me and encouraged me to throw on my true authenticity like my favourite thrifted dress. The ones who have helped me grow into myself by pushing me to get over myself. 
We draw each other out when we let each other in. To be known and loved in being known, is the most beautiful gift we could give each other. If I am anything, I hope to be a safe home that welcomes your own rareness. There is a shelter for you here, friend.

Just some words from a grateful gal.

- S

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sarah kierstead