Heritage Session: Grampy



The Hunt

I have learned most of the things I know about my grandfather’s life through sitting beside him in his car. When he drives by houses and landmarks that are significant to him, he never fails to retrieve facts and dates that have slowly revealed more of his story for me over the years. He grew up with very little, but he has had a good life. His work ethic puts mine to shame. He has a rough exterior and a strong opinion (to say the least), but just the mention of my grandmother’s name and his eyes will well up with tears as he always says his famous line, “I’ve loved that woman all my life”. Every fall, he finds some joy in going out and hunting partridge. Even at 88, he’ll be gone for hours - often returning empty handed. Last year, I joined him and my Dad on their voyage. I think my picture taking didn’t help his luck considering he never found a bird, but I will cherish the photographs always.