Journal Three: Diary of the Open Road

Diary of the Open Road

Diary of the Open Road: Day I'VE LOST COUNT

The last days have been as full as they have been long. We've made a habit of waking up before the sun and pursuing as much adventure as we can possibly fit in the daylight. From the towering Sequoia trees to the waterfalls and valleys of Yosemite, we've been trying not to waste a breath.

These past six days have left me feeling fulfilled and exhausted. I was hoping to be able to keep the consistency of the daily journals going, but for the greater part of this week, I have been running around national parks which I quickly discovered don't often lend themselves to reliable service. 

With that in mind, the best I can do is put together this summary post and get back at it tomorrow. I've taken thousands of photographs this week. Ones to cherish and remember. This as easily been one of the most memorable segments of this road trip so far. We explored the beauty of creation and found new friendships that will keep us wanting to return to central California in the future. 

After a night in Sequoia National Park, Morgan and I headed to Fresno where we met people who were once profiles on Instagram, now genuine friends. Friends who have opened their homes and hearts to us and taken us to the magnificent Yosemite, the number 1 national park on my life's bucket list. It was everything I was hoping it would be in more. And I have no doubt the memories we share there will be ones to remember for the rest of my days. No exaggeration. I don't even no how to put any of what the last week has been into words. 

I really don't. 

I've spent the past 7 hours trying to do just that, but it's now 2:30 am, and I think at this point my resolve is to leave these photographs with you to hopefully give a glimpse into what I've experienced. 



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