Journal Three: Diary of the Open Road

Diary of the Open Road

Diary of the Open Road: Day Two

Diary of the Open Road: Day Two



Today we drove. Sun up to sun down, through four States and all kinds of weather: fog, snow, rain, wind, and sunshine.  

I had forgotten how much I loved driving in the early morning, watching the sun rise in the rear view mirror. We're only two days in, but I feel incredibly refreshed and renewed already. The last 48 hours have been filled with good conversations, beautiful views, new and old faces. 

Yesterday, I got to see my older sister who lives in Maine. She's now 4 months along and I'll tell you, the pregnancy glow is a real thing. I've never seen her eyes shine so bright. 

But just as we have said goodbye to our families and close friends for a little while, I feel a true excitement for the people who's paths we will cross in the coming weeks. From longtime friends I will get to visit to the people who we will share in even the simplest of moments.

This morning, we stopped at Whole Foods to buy raspberries, carrots, and hummus (road-trip essentials), and going through the check out, the cashier asked us what we were up to on "this beautiful day". 

In response to explaining we were on day two of our coast to coast road trip, she reached out her hand to shake mine and with wide-eyes said, "you girls are living my dream!", followed by "Do I get to be featured?" 

And of coursed I jumped on that. 

This is a blurry photograph of a sweet stranger who in 10 seconds encouraged us enough to get through the 10 hours of driving we and ahead of us. 

In fact, she got us so excited that I walked out with groceries I forgot to pay for. We were about to check Vince's oil when I realized I had just successfully (and unintentionally) accomplished my first robbery. 

At Whole Foods. 

I ran back in, 20 dollars in hand and a guilty conscience. We shared a good laugh as she didn't even realize she hadn't charged me. Definitely the most classic Sarah thing I could do. 

But these are the little stories and interactions, as insignificant and little as they may seem, that I want to learn to cherish. Especially over the course of this trip. And these are the stories I intend to document and write about. 

Day two was long but good. So very excited to see what tomorrow brings. There's a real joy in not knowing. 



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