Journal Three: Diary of the Open Road

Diary of the Open Road

Diary of the Open Road: Day Twelve

I haven't been posting so much about the road, long hours of driving, or Vince in a while because the last handful of days haven't been about any of those things. 

What was supposed to be a one night stop in the small town of Childress, Texas on our way to the west coast, has turned into nearly a week long stay with some of the sweetest, most darling people I have met. 

After a couple of exhausting days dealing with our van issues, Morgan and I pulled close to an all-nighter driving through three states and arriving at her second cousin's home in Childress. Donna welcomed us into her home with the warmest smile and most comforting arms like the southern mom we needed. We knew the first two weeks of this road trip would likely be the most difficult, and given everything that unfolded, we could feel tensions higher than usual and our tiredness getting the best of us. 

We had been so set on getting to the west coast as quickly as possible, but with unexpected vehicle troubles and delays and difficulties, we have been slowly letting go of control and have started to loosen up a bit with our route, timeline, and plan. When Donna gave us the invitation to stay for a bit and spend some time with her and her family, we decided it would be refreshing to spend some time getting to know a small town, after moving around so much. 

And I'm so glad we are here. 

It's so strange passing through places so quickly. There have been many cities and towns we have driven through, or stopped for a night, that could have easily warranted a much longer stay. It's been refreshing to explore a place more fully and spend some time resting and re-energizing before travelling the last leg towards California, the west coast being where the majority of this road trip will take place. Yesterday, I went on a four hour walk, and I think I covered the entire town, which felt like a small sort of accomplishment. Tomorrow, I plan to put together a post that shares this pretty little town, but for today, here are some images I took of Morgan the other evening. These days have been peaceful and restful, while giving me time to catch up on emails, writing, editing, and everything else that has built up in the first days of driving. 

We'll be here until Tuesday morning, at which point, we'll be back on the fast-track towards the coast (I cannot wait to breathe in ocean air). 

Until then, I'll be concentrating on not getting killed by rattlesnakes and taking advantage of as many free showers as I can. 

- S


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