Journal Three: Diary of the Open Road

Diary of the Open Road

Diary of the Open Road: Day Twenty-Six


I'm grateful for new friends with big hearts who become a part of our lives by so generously letting us into theirs. Even though the memories we share are few, they are no less significant.   

Someone once told me to carry a full basket in one hand and an empty basket in the other. Always something to give and always something to learn. I've left people having been so richly inspired by their kindness and the way they live and love fully. Understanding what it is like to be the traveler, I think, will greatly impact the way I open my own door and heart in the future to those who find themselves in my corner of the world. 

We'll remember the laughter, the late and hilarious nights, the hikes through hills blanketed in the spring's first flowers and the good talks while floating on our surf boards out in the big blue sea. 

To the Laguna crew, you're as golden as our state. 

We'll miss you bunches. 

sarah kierstead