Journal Three: Diary of the Open Road

Diary of the Open Road

Laguna Beach, CA


Some days leave me so grateful I really don't know what to do with myself. I have had a good number of those days the last few weeks, despite the difficulties we've faced in the first leg of our journey, but I must say, this day was unmatched. 

I've never been more than an hour from the ocean for more than two weeks in my life until this road trip, and I didn't realize how much joy it would bring me to find myself on the shore. After 22 days on the road, driving through 13 states, mountains, valleys, deserts, breakdowns and all, finally making it from the east coast to the west coast, felt like a small accomplishment. 

We arrived in Laguna Beach only to be warmly welcomed by some of Morgan's friends. She's been to Laguna four times before to visit her cousin, Kathryn, who unfortunately is not in town at the moment (she's in Norway, so I guess we can forgive her). It's always so nice to come to a place that feels a bit familiar. I loved hearing Morgan talk about her favourite cafes and taco places and the people she's become friends  and the memories tied to this place. I can tell it's special to her and I'm beginning to understand why.

It's nothing short of paradise. 

Despite the fog and clouds that rolled in early evening (when the photographs were taken), it was sunny and warm the whole day. I woke up early and took to the shore, walked along the edge of the water until I realized I was starting to get a little burned (and by then, it was too late). I have hopes under the strawberry that is my face right now, there will be a good California tan. Right? Please? 


We spent nearly the entire day at the ocean, even got to take a stab at surfing for the first time (thanks Sam). I stood up on my third wave, gloried in a couple of seconds of victory, before crashing into another human and being swallowed up by the ocean. Not surprising. That is probably the most classic Sarah thing I have ever done. 

In the evening, the clouds and fog turned the landscape from sun-kissed to a moody painting, and of course, Morgan and I were out there, running up and down the board walk like the most obvious tourists you could imagine (no shame), trying to capture the beauty of it all. We wandered and wandered until we found ourselves at an almost empty cove, just us, the occasional person passing by, and a couple of surfers in the water. Surfing is kind of mesmerizing to watch, and we were content to stay there for a while rooting for the troopers out there catching the last light's waves. 

And just when we thought the evening was over, the red sun peaked through the thin break in the clouds at the horizon. You almost could have blinked and you'd miss it, which made me even more grateful we were, according to the local I was sitting beside, at the "best place in Laguna to watch the sunset".  

I'm beginning to understand why so many people can't stop talking about California. Something about it. I'm sure glad to be here. I hope you enjoy these photographs as much as i enjoyed taking them. Have a lovely day, friends. 




sarah kierstead