Journal Three: Diary of the Open Road

Diary of the Open Road

Diary of the Open Road: Day Nineteen and Twenty

The last couple of days have taken us from the the North of Arizona to the California State line. We made it. Coast to coast, 20 days, 13 states, and 3 breakdowns later. 

After a day in phoenix to catch up on some work (coffeeshop/ van hangs all day long), we were ready to get back on track today. We began the day at Hillsong. I basically cried my way through worship thinking about the goodness of the Lord's faithfulness, especially so obviously evident in this journey so far. After church, we headed to the Sonoran Desert where we had we made lunch, encountered our first rattle snake, and I expectedly got a cactus needle (or 10) in my leg. No surprises there. I am definitely not made for the dessert. 

But wow, was it ever beautiful. 

Here are a handful of photographs from today. We are now in California! The 10 hour days of driving are over for a while, and we're excited to spend the next few weeks in this state meeting cool people and exploring cool places. 

- S



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