Journal Three: Diary of the Open Road

Diary of the Open Road

Diary of the Open Road: Day Nine

Yesterday, we left Meineke with a fixed Vince and an eagerness to get back on the road. We had planned to drive 11 hours yesterday, but we soon found out our day would not be going as planned. 

Even though we should have been too exhausted from the couple of long, difficult days we had just endured, we couldn’t help but want to get back on the course. We decided to play an all-nighter by ear, beginning our drive around 5:30pm, we would at best, make it to Morgan’s cousin’s in Texas by 6:00 am. 

We pushed through as long as we could, until a thunder storm and exhaustion got the best of us, decided to rest up for two hours, which turned to four, and then headed back out on the road. 

It was raining and cold today. Just the way I would have it. 

I was not prepared for the beauty of Oklahoma. I’m glad we drove through it in the daylight. We would have missed out otherwise. That's for sure.

Morgan and I are now at her sweet, sweet cousin’s in Texas. We had only planned to stay here a night, but since coming, we are both thinking those plans may have to change. We’ll have to see just what tomorrow brings. 


sarah kierstead