Journal Three: Diary of the Open Road

Diary of the Open Road

Diary of the Open Road: Day Six

Diary of the Open Road: Day Six

When travelling, I have this somewhat unpopular preference for "less is more". Most of the time, I would rather get to know a small area of a whole new place well than tour the entire city on the surface. This may be partly influenced by the fact that my first time flying and first real travel experience was moving to New Zealand for five months last year. I got to know the culture and form relationships with locals, and I much prefer that to seeing all of the touristy sights (regardless of how well they photograph). 

This trip is a deep contrast to that as we will wake up in a new place nearly every day, but I still want to try to approach the days ahead with the intention of not overwhelming myself with having to see everything, and rather focus on the everyday lifestyles of the people who live in that area and their stories.

Yesterday evening, a sweet woman named Anna opened her doors to us. We had asked her if we could just park our van in her driveway, but she insisted we take her guest room and even let us crash her friend's birthday party. There we met the coolest people, some of which, left us with more connections for our time on the west coast. Each connection we form, I feel helps this trip unfold as I wanted it to, our route and journey constantly becoming impacted by the people we meet. 

This is such a mystery, and such an adventure, and I'm trying to take it all in. 

We decided to stay in Nashville for a full day and got to attend Anna's church followed by brunch and a quiet afternoon at her home. Well, quiet until her dog escaped her fence and came back smelling like a sewer. Now, after an hour in a tomato juice bath, he looks like he got a bad sunburn. 

These images represent the calm before the storm, captured candidly. I wasn't originally thinking of capturing this part of the day, but there was something so lovely and simple about the half hour we spent in the fresh air that I couldn't help but try to document it. 

The candids always, without fail, end up being my favourites. They always bring back such fond memories; I'm sure this set will do just that down the road. When I recall the could of days I spent in Nashville, this is what I'll remember. 


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