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I love Jesus with all of my heart; I want to love Him much more than that. 

I grew up in the little east coast city of Fredericton, New Brunswick in a house that was never big enough to hold the six of my sisters and me. Having been raised to value family deeply, I am constantly inspired and drawn to the beautiful and meaningful relationships that fill our lives. 

I take a photojournalistic and fine art approach to storytelling and as much as I am a documenter, I am also an artist. I am a lover of adventure, real moments, raw emotion, organic and earthy tones. I strive to create images that are timeless.

When we work together, it's in the spirit of collaboration. I love finding hidden gems and exploring the beauty of nature, but without you, my photos wouldn't have a story! Whether we strap up our hiking boots and head to the coast or spend the morning capturing you in the realness of your own home, we'll work together intentionally to create images that reflect a piece of your heart and your love. 


- S